Working Out with T1D and Becoming Harder to Kill!

Today’s blog post is about becoming harder to kill!

I do have to credit my “becoming harder to kill” saying to the owner of the gym I live in 3 days a week. He posted a video about how the coaches are working very hard to make us harder to kill. Loved how he put it. Seriously, they really are conditioning us to become stronger and better versions of ourselves. It is fascinating to me how well it works. I am hitting about month 8 of when I first stepped foot in the gym. I do have to preface this blog post with the fact that I always hated exercising, running, and never lifted weights. I did join a gym back in the old days in my early twenties, because all the cool people did that! But now it is the real stuff!! NO JOKE!!

My main goal of stepping foot into the gym was to find out if I could even do this with my Type 1 Diabetes. I definitely knew it was possible, I have read all the blogs and Facebook posts in the groups that I am part of, but could “I” do it? My fist day was so crazy to me. I was really nervous I would drop too low during the 1 hour I was there. I had to make sure I had some food in me before hand, made sure my blood glucose level was a tad higher just to be on the safe side, suspended my pump 30 minutes before the workout, I had glucose tablets, gel packs, water, made sure my coaches knew I was Diabetic, so much to think about just for the first day! Well, guess what, I felt like I was dying at the end of the workout, but not because of my Diabetes!!! So yes, I survived, I could last 1 hour! Every day I go, I am becoming harder to kill!!

My experience has gotten so much better each time I go! Not that my mind is not focused on making sure my blood glucose is good, because I am constantly checking my insulin pump for my blood glucose reading, but I believe in myself now and that if I go low, high, or stay steady, I am able to handle it, no problem!! If you see me at the gym chomping on something while doing burpees, it’s just glucose tablets!!

Progress so far:

  • Lost lots of inches
  • Lost 14 pounds
  • Have so much more energy
  • No more aches and pains besides for the good ones after a workout
  • I am eating more healthy food and drinking tons of water which makes me feel great!
  • My A1C was 6.2 in March

Thanks for reading!

Credit: “Becoming Harder to Kill” Crossfit Iron Legion, Ocala FL Ted Dreaver

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