Type One Run – Ocala

My new adventure!!! I am now the Chapter leader for Type One Run – Ocala and it is up and running!!


Type One Run is a group of ordinary people dedicated to building SUPPORT, COMMUNITY and AWARENESS for those affected by type 1 diabetes through RUNNING. We encourage anyone of any ability who is interested to get involved!!!

If you (or a family member or friend) have type 1 diabetes and have gone on a run before (OR EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T AND WANT TO GET STARTED), you’re on the team!!! Join us!

A program of Beyond Type 1

Lets get all of us Type 1 Diabetics in Ocala, Florida together regardless if you are a beginner like myself, or someone who can run circles around us slow runners!! The point is…lets stay healthy, help each other, build each other up, and fight this crazy beautiful disease we all learned to live with.

We are here to connect with and support each other, this is a great way to spread awareness, and provide empowerment and inspiration for those living with Type 1 diabetes!

JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR ALL EVENTS, DISCUSSION AND POSTS! https://www.facebook.com/groups/typeonerunocala/

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