Travelling with Type 1 Diabetes

Depending on the type of person you are, planning your vacations can be a fun thing to do or a dreadful thing to do. I personally love to plan vacations! Well, let me say that I love to plan really anything!! I love looking for deals for flights, cars, hotels, etc. It is just something […]

A little bit about my insulin pump

I have been using my insulin pump for about 12 years. It is Paradigm insulin pump made by Medtronic Minimed. I also have a OneTouch Ultralink blood glucose monitor that links up with my insulin pump. I do not know how I lived without using the pump. It has helped me keep my A1C under […]

What I wish I knew then about Type 1 Diabetes

  I have read so many stories on blogs, news, Facebook and other social media sites about the different struggles parents and young kids go through when living with type 1 diabetes. It was so hard for me understanding what happened to me at age 11. I can’t imagine being younger and dealing with it […]