Pro’s to having Type 1 Diabetes

Today’s blog post is my list of Pro’s to having Type 1 Diabetes!

I know what you are thinking….what do you mean, a list of good things about having a disease, what are you crazy?!

Nope…it’s my way of looking at my life and appreciating all the little moments that make me who I am! Do not get me wrong…I have my days, that I just say “I can’t Diabetes today!!!!” I actually have lots of those days. I will leave the Con’s for another blog post!

My list of Pro’s!

  1. My increased appreciation of my life.
  2. When my blood sugar drops I get to eat sweets.
  3. I am a technologically advanced human.
  4. I get to argue that I can eat all the things!
  5. Advocating for Type 1 Diabetes is important.
  6. My kids get to learn from me about health.
  7. My husband gets the task of raiding a drug store if we come to the end of times.
  8. Getting to share all of my stories with all of you.
  9. I learn new things about myself everyday and how Diabetes impacts me as I grow.
  10. Embarking on new adventures while learning how to manage my Diabetes, I want to master the unknown (to me).
  11. Seeing all the new technology that will make me more bionic is exciting and I want to use it now!
  12. I love when people ask why I still have a beeper.
  13. Being part of a very large community throughout the world fighting this disease and helping others, even if its posting on my blog for someone out there wanting to learn more! It is such a cool feeling and you are instant BFF’s when you are out and about and see someone else that is dealing with the same things you are.

Thanks for reading!!

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