Our trip to Blue Springs Park, High Springs FL

What a fun time we had visiting Blue Springs Park which is located in High Springs Florida. We arrived at about 10:00 AM on Saturday 6/20/15. We had my company picnic to attend there. When we drove up to the entrance, there were so many camp sites on the right hand side. RV’s, tents and pop up canopy tents were all over the place. Looked like a great place to camp. Although my family has yet to camp, (I know , I know) we would definitely pick a place like Blue Springs Park. Once we parked, we threw our stuff on the picnic tables and proceeded to rent a few tubes. The cost was only $5 per tube for the entire day. Then we went down to the spring and there was a nice little sandy beach setting looking over the spring. People had their beach chairs all along the side of the spring to enjoy the scenery and dipping their feet in the spring. There is a boardwalk on the right side, which looked like it went pretty far down the spring. The water was nice and cold at 72 degrees, which they say is the year round temperature. But with the heat at 98 degrees, it was nice to cool off and just float around in the water. My boys swam around, collected little shells and watched all the kids and some adults jump off the boardwalk into the deep part of the spring. Some people had canoes and kayaks, and you can bring your own floats instead of renting them. Outside of the water, they have pavilions  you can rent for the day, a lot of picnic tables and grills. Public bathrooms and changing rooms were available too.

If you are looking for a nice relaxing day at the spring, this is a great place to visit! Click here to check out their website! And click here to visit their Facebook page. I apologize for not having any pictures to share, but I spent the entire day in the spring, so didn’t have my handy camera!! I need to invest in a waterproof one!!

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