NYC Tunnel to Towers 5k

What a humbling experience my son and I had honoring and remembering all the heroes and lives lost on September 11th. Hosted by Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation we had the honor of running along side so many that felt the same way. Starting off the race include 2400 West Point Cadets, along with about 35,000 runners from all over the world including all areas of our military, all first responders, police, firefighters and support and everyone in between! As we exited the tunnel, the street was lined with firefighters and police holding flags and photos of all the fallen. It is nothing I can actually describe. There were bag pipes, cheerleaders, school bands and people of all ages towards the finish line. It was an amazing experience. Click here to see how amazing this foundation is and what impact they have on the lives of so many!!

I hope that this experience helped shape my son’s future. I hope it helps him understand what heroes are made of, what sacrifice looks like, what America is truly about. We had such a wonderful weekend and made some great memories.

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