Newly Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 11

Lets go back 27 years!! I was 11 years old,and sitting in the doctor’s office! This doctor was a little different than the other one that said it was a stomach bug. Thankfully this was the second opinion! Simple urine test and doctor practically threw me in the hospital, literally. I remember being in the room and him saying we had to go as soon as possible and a bed was waiting for me. I don’t remember when it was said, but they said another week and I would have been gone. Scary to even think about that.

I don’t really remember how long I was in the hospital for, I do remember just feeling me again, it is hard to explain the feeling really. There was a sense that when I left and went home, everything was going to be better, I wouldn’t be sick anymore. Someone told me I said I couldn’t wait to go home so I wouldn’t have to inject a needle in my leg anymore. Well, reality set in of course! I was sent home with lots of things to figure out! I had diabetes educators and the doctor, but what a diabetic goes through both mentally and physically is pretty crazy especially at age 11. My whole life was changed nearly overnight! I couldn’t eat certain things anymore, I felt strange and weird, I had to do injections of insulin and checking my blood glucose level! My parents were as shocked into this as I was. We really didn’t know too much about any of it. All we knew was to check my blood sugar levels, eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner and take my injections. Everything else we pretty much tried to just figure it all out.

Back to school….

Once I returned to school, it was very different. Some of my friends were different towards me. My fifth grade teacher made me stand up in front of the class and explain my disease! What?! Yes. I am sure his intentions were perfectly fine, besides, he did visit me in the hospital. I was mortified. I had to visit the nurse many times throughout the school year. They had insulin on tap for me! I had to eat my lunch in the nurses office and I tried to buy a pretzel from the cafeteria, but they had to call home and ask permission first. It was very different from what I was used to. I somehow survived though and I am glad to share these experiences with those of you who decided to read all about it here. I hope it helps anyone out there that may be struggling with any of these same issues. Please visit back and check out my next blog post coming soon.



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