My diagnosis as a type 1 diabetic

Most of us don’t always remember everything about our childhood. Maybe bits and pieces, some good and some bad memories. I have quite a few, one of which was right before I went into the hospital. I remember being sick with a stomach “bug” for a very long time. The doctor said I would get better, but I never did. I was thirsty, and it was not just a glass of water that would help me. I literally drank out of the running faucet to drink water. It was bad! I was moody, cranky, a whole different person! I was always a nice, shy girl. I was in 5th grade and my elementary school teacher was so strict. I always had to write my name on the board to go to the bathroom! Of course in front of the entire class, he asks if I have a problem going to the bathroom since I was up writing my name on the board every 30 minutes, maybe even more! I lost a ton of weight, and by the time we knew it I was skin and bones. The symptoms were a major indication that I was incredibly sick! Back to the doctor we went! Simple urine test and I was in the hospital.

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