iHeart Cooking Club May 2015

What a fun night at iHeart Cooking club this month!!!! On the menu was some really delicious dishes! ((These recipes are all found pinned on my pinterest page by clcking here or on the recipe name itself below))

Appetizer time!! We made Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Dip and filled green peppers for an amazing appetizer. We cut up some veggies and placed them on the platter to go along with the dip. So delicious!!

Main Dish was lemon & Herb Chicken cooked on the Grill. This recipe called for a delicious mixture of oil, fresh snipped basil, pressed garlic cloves and salt and pepper gently placed under the skin of the split chicken breast! Slice a few lemons and place them under the skin and throw right on the grill!!! Absolutely delicious!

For the side dish or appetizer, we had Grilled Orzo-stuffed Tomatoes!!! Oh my goodness is all I have to say!! Orzo pasta makes all the difference in this recipe. Mix together green onions, orzo, pesto and feta cheese for the delicious filling and stuff into cored out vine ripe tomatoes. Placed these on the grill for about 10 minutes and you have an amazing side dish or appetizer!

And for the dessert we enjoyed making these Sweet sliders and sugar cookie fries! Baking the brownies to perfection and cutting small “burgers”  out of them, placing them on the “buns” (vanilla wafer cookies) and using vanilla frosting dyed yellow for mustard and red for ketchup was the perfect match. Add coconut flakes dyed green for the lettuce to top it off!! And of course you can’t forget the “fries” made with sugar cookies.


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