I Ate the Kitchen!

Today’s blog post is all about just having one of those days……

Friday overnight my blood sugar level dropped really low. Any of you Type 1 Diabetics reading this will understand me when I say “I ate the kitchen!” I wake up and literally will eat the kitchen until I feel better. Doesn’t matter what food it is, doesn’t have to even mix well in my belly!! I just eat until I am feeling like a human again.

That night I ate 4 bowls of cereal and a cup of orange juice. It was the good kind of cereal too, fruit loops with marshmallows! It is kind of funny though, since I normally measure my food, even when I am low, I bust out the measuring cup so I know how many carbs I ate in the middle of my mindless search for all the food. My insulin pump allows me to set up the delivery of insulin over a period of time. Since I ate 100 carbs (oh my!), I programmed the insulin pump to deliver the insulin needed to cover those carbs over a period of 6 hours. I did this because if I had taken all of the insulin at once, I would have just dropped again right away. So as the carbs take a little while to kick in, I adjusted the insulin to do the same.

Obviously it was a bad decision, I was low all night and the rest of Saturday into the afternoon. I ate so much Saturday it was ridiculous! I must have had 2 days worth of carbs. Everything I ate was not bringing my blood sugar level up, it seemed like it took forever. I had to skip my workout Saturday morning as well because I probably would have passed out during the workout while shoveling glucose tablets into my mouth. And on top of all that, I felt really bad all day and the roof of my mouth was killing me from me scarfing down the cereal so fast. So yes, I had one of those days….

Thanks for reading!

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