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Now that you have visited and read all of my previous posts (and if not…start here!) I am ready to show you what I do each week to get ready to go grocery shopping with my coupons.

I am sure you have all seen the crazy show Extreme Couponing! Well, it is NOT like that in the real world! I am sorry to disappoint you! You will have mini trips like that every once in a while, but I am going to talk about realistic situations in which you save at least 50% and up to 100%!! I have taught this to many of my friends, coworkers, others that ask, and even taught a lifestyles class on how to save money using coupons. I really do enjoy collecting, organizing and saving and I hope that I can help you do the same!!


Where I get my coupons

When collecting my coupons, I do a few things throughout the week. Every time I visit the supermarket I ask the customer service for any coupons they may have. Publix has 2 store flyers (not the same as the weekly ad). These are called Advantage flyers. They have a green and purple. The green has all food and purple has non food. These contain coupons and additional sales other than their weekly ad. They also may have baby coupon flyers, pet coupon flyers and other flyers they will give you. My Publix keeps these behind customer service, while other stores may keep them out by the weekly ads or throughout the store. One thing to keep in mind….always have an even number on coupons. So ask for 2 of each if they will give you that many, the next trip ask for 2 more. If you see coupons throughout the store, grab an even amount. I will explain why a bit later.

Winn Dixie occasionally will have store coupons and they are located near their weekly flyers or throughout the store. You can use competitor coupons at Publix or if you are located elsewhere you can ask your local supermarket if they take competitor coupons. So seeing that Publix will take competitor coupons, please ask your local Publix which store coupons they accept. Different areas will vary.

Blinkies….do you notice those little machines around the stores that spit out coupons??? Well start taking those!! You can get 2 at a time usually and then it takes a little less than a minute to spit another out. Make sure to get an even amount!! Put all of those in your binder when organizing.

I get a total of 6 inserts each week. You can do this by doing the following:

  1. buying multiple newspapers or having them delivered to your home
  2. visiting your local newspaper office and purchasing old papers if you would like to get a few weeks back
  3. ordering coupons from ONLY a reputable company that does NOT SELL COUPONS, but actually offers the service to purchase the papers for you and pull out the inserts, and mail them to you. INSERT INSANITY  is the service I use and have used since they started in 2011. Please check them out, they have amazing customer service and you get your coupons each week mailed priority shipping. It is great if you have a few friends to share the shipping cost. But it is so worth not having to go to the store each Sunday and purchase multiple papers, some that don’t even have all the inserts in them.


Ok, so here it is!!! My secret!!! I read blogs!! What?? Ha!! Just like you are doing here, bloggers are here to help us all with whatever we are interested in, write about different topics, share their information. So I was introduced to a local blogger Caroline Carpenter . She runs the MyCouponExpert Blog and Facebook page along with many other people who help her answer all the fun questions about coupons. She is so amazing and puts so much work into helping others save money!! Her blog has tons of information that will help anyone save money! She has sales and coupon matchups for all the sales at the local grocery stores, drug stores and more. She has a coupon database you can search if you are looking to see if there is a coupon for something. It is truly amazing what she does.

On a weekly basis, My Coupon Expert Blog posts sneak peeks to the sales starting later in the week, so each Monday or Tuesday I will sit down, pull the website up, and click on Publix weekly deals. I will then make a list of all the deals I would like to do, and as I write them down I will pull the coupon. If you start collecting coupons now, I would say in a good 4-6 weeks you will certainly have the majority of the coupons needed to use for these sales. So start collecting now!!

Once I am done with Publix, I will pull up the Winn Dixie matchups and check out the deals there. Make my list and pull my coupons.

Once I write down all the deals I am going to get, pull my coupons, put them in a smaller coupon folder, then I will write down any other foods I am needing for the house. I will then look through my binder for any coupons to go with the extra items I am getting that are not part of a sale. Because lets face it…I would love to just buy items on sale, but not everything we need each week is on sale.

When reading through the blog to write down your deals, she lists the best scenario on the bottom of each item, what coupons to use, where the coupons are (like Redplum and the date, or Smartsource and the date), if it has a printable coupon she will have a link to the coupon source.

Here is one example of how the hot deals look:

Publix Hot Deal Alert! Weber Seasonings Only $.15 Starting 5/16

weber seasonings
white space



Here is another AWESOME deal that you can get!

These will be PERFECT for BBQ and Grilling Season!

You can get Weber Seasonings for only $.15 starting 5/16!

Check this deal out and get ready to pick it up at Publix!


Weber Seasonings, 2.5-3.75 – 2/$2.29
*special Green Advantage pricing*
$1.00/1 Weber Seasoning Tearpad (found at Publix) exp 5/24
BUY ONE, use ONE $1.00/1 coupon and you pay $.15 each!  Wow

white space
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Caroline lists the best scenario on the bottom under the coupons listed, so in this case,

BUY ONE, use ONE $1.00/1 coupon and you pay $.15 each!  Wow

will be the best scenario. Once you have your coupon collection building up, you will most likely have these coupons. The Publix price listed is in the Green Advantage Flyer like I mentioned above and the tear pad is found near the product. She helps list where the coupons are. If it is a printable coupon she will have a clickable link to the coupon source. It is so easy and all the work is done already, all you would need to do is collect your coupons, organize them and start saving by following her blog, or by following similar blogs in your area.

You can do a simple google search to find coupon deals/bloggers local to you. I am North Central Florida and MyCouponExpert is local to Summerfield, Belleview, Ocala, Gainesville area. But you can find people everywhere. So if you are on Long Island, NY and you do a google search to find deals in your area with your local stores, great deals, coupon policies, etc, you would find the Long Island Coupon Queen and her blog here! People are everywhere and they post all of these deals for you and do the hard part!!

Even Numbers!

Stores vary in their coupon policies, so please be sure to check out their websites in order to understand them. The reason why I keep saying to collect your coupons in even numbers is due to the fact that Publix and other stores will take a manufacturer coupon AND a store coupon per item even if it is free. That is the best part!! So for the examples below: The juicy juice is Buy one get one free, but you can use 2 coupons , 1 for each item (make sure to read the coupon carefully). So even though the second is free they will allow the coupon to be used.

Below I posted 2 examples: Juicy juice for $0.83 each is amazing and then if you read my post on Mobile Apps then you will bet $0.75 back in your ibotta account!!! Wow!! The Eggo example is a great deal too, not only can you print 2 coupons per computer at your home (IP address is tracked and it is illegal to make copies of coupons), you can use 1 on each item to bring the total down to $1.55 but you can also use the Publix store coupon to save $2 off of $3 worth of fresh fruit when you buy eggo’s !! What!!!??? Crazy right. Yep!! It is pretty awesome saving all this money!! Once you start seeing all of these deals, it will be easier to understand and a lot quicker to make your lists.

Juicy Juice or Fruitfuls Juice, 8-pk, 6.75 oz, BOGO – $3.15
$0.75/1 Juicy Juice printable
$0.75/1 Juicy Juice (Ibotta Deposit)
BUY TWO, use TWO $.75/1 coupons and you pay $.83 each THEN Submit to Ibotta for another $.75 back and your final cost is $.45 each!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog, I hope I am helping you all save some money!!


My Sources:

Please leave your comments, and let me know if you checked these sites out!! And when you go shopping , let me know how much you save. I will start sharing upcoming great deals that I like and will share my shopping trip savings with you all. Thanks for reading!

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