Carbs! Carbs! Carbs!

These last few months I have been working on cutting my carbohydrate intake by more than half. Daily I was eating about 100-200 grams of carbs. Now that I am typing this, I feel that was a little crazy! My day would start out with cereal. I love my cereal and each morning 1 serving was about 28 grams of carbs. I generally ate 2 servings, so breakfast alone was at least 56 grams of carbs not counting the 8-10 grams for the milk. Oh wait!! I forgot to add my creamer for the coffee and the bit of milk I would add. So when I say Carbs! Carbs! Carbs! I sure do mean it. Lunch was a sub or some type of food in that category. Lets add about 50 grams of carbs for lunch. And dinner came and I would eat some more. By the end of the day, I was loaded up with carbs, bolus my insulin each meal using my insulin pump and on a rollercoaster of blood glucose levels all day. Does that sound about right? For so long my life feels like it has been this way. Although my A1C levels have been under 7 for the last 15 years, I was still rollercoaster riding through each day.

I have heard about Low Carb High Fat lifestyles (LCHF) while reading blogs and group posts on Facebook. So I did some research and decided to try it out. A few months ago I started eating like this. I tend to stay within 30-60 carbohydrates per day. I eat mostly REAL food. What does that mean?? Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables grown above ground and natural fats. The hardest part for me is snacking….I didn’t know what to munch on!!  I found tons of information online of course and one site in particular really was helpful. That website is I found this site very helpful and last week and this current week I am actually doing the 2 week shopping and recipes. The first weeks recipes were so great!! I highly suggest checking it out. For my snacks I eat peanuts, cheese sticks or my favorite is the P3 packs they sell at the supermarket. I buy the ones that have 3-4 net carbs. I do not eat starchy foods or anything full of carbs!! My blood sugar levels have been literally a straight line looking at my CGM graph. I am in love with this way of eating!! I am really impressed with my blood sugar levels and have never seen them so steady in all 29 years of my diabetic life. I do have my days and occasionally will scarf down a piece of cake on those special occasions. Next thing I need to tackle is getting fit!

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